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Jiangsu Phoenix Art Palace Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Phoenix Art Palace Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, and its headquarters is located in Wuxi City. The Company carries out art promotion, art cultural creation and artistic soft decoration by adhering to the concept of “integrate art in life, beautify life with art”.

Since its foundation, the Company has been committed to pushing the development of Chinese contemporary art, especially oil painting art. It supports and promotes art through wide cooperation with China Artists Association, China Oil Painting Society, National Art Museum of China, academies of fine arts and famous art medias, and through active participation in domestic and overseas art exhibitions, cultural education and art exchange activities. Moreover, an open international art vision enables it to establish a unique style in the field of global art.

With the development of oil painting industry in China, as one of art institutions with academic influences and professional operation capabilities, the Company has based on Phoenix Island Art Zone, Jinchengwan Park, Wuxi City, specialized in promoting and operating oil painting works, established a non-profit private professional oil painting art museum – Phoenix Art Palace Museum, conducted professional academic researches and provided an exhibition platform for Chinese contemporary excellent young and middle-aged oil painting artists.

With the in-depth development of the art field, the Company has established deep cooperation with famous Chinese and foreign artists in fields of oil painting, sculpture, installation, concept and multimedia art, owned the independent intellectual property rights and copyrights of original art works authorized by artists, and independently researched and developed relevant art-derived culture creative products. In 2016, it registered a cultural creation brand “Yimeige” under the concept of “create beautiful and profound life with art”. By present, it has designed over 80 culture creative products under 6 major series: home decorations, stationeries, daily-use articles, porcelains, ornaments and tourism products.

Meanwhile, the Company has relied on globalized art resources, integrated art masters’ original and outstanding works, sold and rented art-grade digital prints of such works. Its products, which perfectly present charms of original works, are produced under the rule of “reproduce original works”, with professional and advanced production outputting equipment and high-quality canvases, and through professional hand painting. Its series of products are classic, durable, of diversified themes and customizable sizes, which make them ideal for high-end homes, hotels, enterprises and institutions.
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