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Latvian Ambassador Visits PHOENIX

On June 28th, 2021, Maija Manika, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvian to China, and Agmes, Commercial Counselor, visited PHOENIX Picture Material. Chairman Chen Weihong and vice president Li Jinsong received the guests from afar, and the two sides had cordial exchanges.

It was Ambassador Manika's first time to come to PHOENIX. During her visit to the brand exhibition hall of PHOENIX, she was impressed and sincerely appreciated its huge and complete brand lineup. She said that she would very much like PHOENIX to strengthen cooperation with Latvian enterprises. She also sent an invitation to Chairman Chen Weihong, hoping that PHOENIX would visit and invest in Latvian. Chairman Chen Weihong and vice president Li Jinsong warmly welcomed the two diplomats and expressed their ardent desire to go out when conditions permit.