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Vigorously Develop Headquarters Economy to Promote High-quality Development

The ancients used to praise the majestic talent and strategy of emperors and generals by "strategizing and winning thousands of miles away". For modern enterprises, if they want to become a successful general in the international market, they must have a global vision and pattern, it needs not only a global, unified and efficient decision-making command center, but also human resources for scheduling. It can be said that headquarters economy is the inevitable result of market competition and the advanced form of modern enterprise development to a certain scale and stage. Enterprise headquarters is equivalent to "brain", which acts as the core of leadership and retains part of R&D and sales functions. Outside the headquarters, the enterprise establishes several production bases and sales agencies, so as to realize the rational allocation of production factors and pursue the maximization of economic benefits.
In the past 20 years of development, Phoenix Artist Material has always pursued the development path of "specialization, branding and internationalization", serving the global market with professional and excellent painting materials, and enhancing the R&D and innovation ability of independent brands to enhance the added value of manufacturing industry. In the global layout of several production bases and sales branches, behind this series of development path, cannot do without the blessing of Phoenix Artist Material headquarters economy. If Phoenix Artist Material is gradually developing into an art Kingdom, the Wuxi headquarters building of Phoenix Artist Material on Huayuan road is equivalent to the head center. It is not only a decision-making and leading organization, but also a command and control center, R&D center and sales center. It is an important strategic base for commanding factories at home and abroad and global sales network. Through the development of headquarters economy, Phoenix Artist Material promotes the coordinated development and high-quality development of the whole industry chain, and constantly improves the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the enterprise.

[1] The headquarter plans to be a strong support the group as a whole

As an export-oriented enterprise, pioneering, innovation and forge ahead is one of the spirits of Pheonix people. Chairman Chen Weihong believes that there is no path in this world, but when there are many who have walked upon it, then a path came into being. With this enterprising spirit, Phoenix Artist Material has built several production bases and distribution centers at home and abroad in the past 20 years, from southern Jiangsu to northern Jiangsu, from Vietnam to Cambodia. Every time the territory was opened up, Wuxi headquarters of Phoenix Artist Material spared no effort to give full support to each other from the aspects of technology, personnel, materials and so on. In 2003, in response to the call to aid the construction of Northern Jiangsu, Phoenix Artist Material went north to build a new factory in Shuyang. 16 outstanding management cadres and technical backbones selected from Wuxi headquarter and Wuxi factory formed a leading force and started "pioneering production" in Phoenix Artist Material in Dongxiaodian township of Shuyang. Now there are some people among them who have established their families in Shuyang and taken root in Shuyang together with Phoenix Artist Material in Shuyang. In 2006, in order to avoid trade barriers of developed countries, Phoenix Painting Materials took the lead in building production bases overseas. The first batch of 80 key employees took the initiative to fight and flew from Wuxi, China to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Many of them are the first to set up businesses in foreign countries, but they are committed to the establishment of new overseas factories. They fight side by side with new Vietnamese employees and successfully transplant production technology, management experience and corporate culture to overseas countries. After 15 years of development, Phoenix Artist Material in Vietnam has been growing. In October 2019, Phoenix Cultural Products (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., the second overseas factory of Phoenix Artist Material in Vietnam was officially completed and put into operation. For every growth, the headquarters has the determination, ability and courage to give the greatest degree of scheduling and support, which is also one of the power for the smooth expansion of Phoenix Artist Material overseas.
Since 2018, major country trade disputes have been transmitted to the foreign trade industry, and the international market has changed dramatically. By the first half of 2020, the pandemic broke out at home and abroad one after another, and the global supply chain and terminal consumer market was even more unpredictable. The unified dispatching and command of Phoenix Artist Material in the headquarters is sinking to deal with and strive to turn crisis into opportunity. All factories actively responded to the structural adjustment of orders, flexibly followed up, gave full play to the advantages of scale, locked in the cost of raw materials with collaborative purchasing ability, and met the market opportunities prevailing in the global housing economy with strong supply ability.

[2] Division of labor does not divide the company, Phoenix Artist Material in the world working together

Great things can be achieved, if we all work together. When an enterprise develops to a certain stage, it is bound to expand towards the road of collectivization and diversification. At the same time, it is also prone to big enterprise diseases such as fragmented governance and departmentalism. How to avoid all kinds of disadvantages? A strong and powerful headquarters is the key. Through the unified decision-making and overall scheduling of the headquarters, we cannot only help to break the department barriers, ensure that the superior will give orders, and the division of labor among brother factories will not be separated, but also facilitate the sharing of resources, mutual benefit and mutual assistance among factories, and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion.
With the continuous expansion of the scale of Phoenix Artist Material, the group's senior management timely put forward the slogan of "team cooperation, integrated development", and regarded it as one of the enterprise spirits. This is also the valuable experience accumulated in the development of Phoenix Artist Material at home and abroad. At the end of 2014, when Phoenix Artist Material was building a new factory in Cambodia. Under the overall planning of the headquarters, Phoenix Artist Material in Vietnam made full use of the advantages of distance, played the role of big brother, assisted the operation of Van Gogh Artist Material in Cambodia, and dispatched Vietnamese technical backbone to Cambodia, which helped ensure the production of the new factory quickly on the right track. In 2019, Cambodia's second phase factory, Cambodia's Phoenix Artist Material, was founded. It also received support from Cambodia's Van Gogh Artist Material and domestic headquarters. The headquarters dispatched talents from Wuxi, Shuyang and other places in different positions, such as engineering management, production management, quality management, procurement, technical backbone, to assist the creation of Cambodia's Phoenix Artist Material. Cambodia's Van Gogh Artist Material also helped the daily operation of the new factory in an all-round way. In March 2021, Anhui new project was officially founded. The first batch of technical backbone and management cadres with more than 10 people, went to Shuyang Phoenix Artist Material to carry out a 10-day internship training. Shuyang Phoenix Artist Material support wholeheartedly, not only properly arranged living, board and lodging, but also arranged rich and solid training and internship content. Each workshop director sent excellent staff with excellent skills to pair up with the trainees, sharing valuable management experience with the brothers and sisters of the new company. The mutual assistance of each brother factory not only enables the rising star to stand on the high starting point and high standard from the beginning, but also enables Phoenix Artist Material to make full use of the large-scale advantages and diversified pattern to enhance the market response ability.

[3] Technological innovation leads industrial upgrading and promotes high quality development of enterprises.

Like most manufacturing enterprises, Phoenix Artist Material is also faced with the curse of rising raw materials and labor costs. Even if we strive to become the world's "painting materials factory", what we earn is still hard-work money. Compared with the world's top 500 enterprises which are more competitive and creative, how can we create core advantages in the future?

As we all know, in manufacturing enterprises, R&D and sales are the real high value-added links, and the intermediate production links produce relatively low benefits, which is the famous "smile curve" theory. In the past 20 years, Phoenix Artist Material has made great efforts to improve the two ends of the “smile curve”, focusing on technological innovation, leading the upgrading and transformation of the industry, and continuously promoting production automation and product intelligence. Wuxi factory, as a sample workshop of the headquarters, focuses on R&D and application. First, it is engaged in product R&D, proofing, trial production and other links to improve the process and formula and lead the quality improvement of the whole Phoenix Artist Material. The second is to provide artists with high-end customization business, such as high-end customization of special coated cloth, special specifications, super wide door frame, etc., and the third is the directional development business of all kinds of suits.
In terms of sales, Phoenix Artist Material is based on the international and domestic double bad pattern and adheres to the principle of paying equal attention to the overseas and domestic markets, traditional trade channels and cross-border e-commerce. On the basis of making traditional foreign trade business bigger and stronger, Phoenix Artist Material should further develop cross-border e-commerce business, vigorously develop private brands, and constantly enhance the global influence of brands.
Under the guidance of headquarters economy, the future Phoenix Artist Material will develop into a whole art industry chain enterprise group with headquarters as the axis, multi format integration and diversified development.